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Special Applications

Since we are totally vertically integrated, we can manufacture bespoke access to short lead times to product some interesting solutions.


Brocas, France:
 A microlight landing strip with a potential danger element of wild boar preventing   safe landing, Electro-gate with a streamer set solved this quickly, easily 
 Ski Area Boundary Closed Do Not Ski FOJ24 

 Austrian Mountains:
 A bespoke gate used cantilever fashion with many more handles to prevent skiers from entering a dangerous area.
Pembroke National Park:
Mini Gates are used to pevent wild life damaging the fragile coastal path 

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 New Forest, Hampshire:
 Electrogates are widely used to prevent damage to private property by the wild ponies.


Olive groves, these gates are used to keep wild animals out of high value crops

Wine groves, these gates are used to keep wild and dangerous animals out of high value crops. 

Pivot irrigation systems, we are absolute specialists in access control, please contact us for expert assistance 

In many instances crops are protected day after day from wild animals causing expensive damage.